Still ironing out the creases…



Just some paintings I did based on some photos I took;

Today’s efforts

Hmm, not really happy with how these turned out, but still…


I feel like they’re too rough as they are, but I think working into them more would only make them worse. :/


*Deep breath*

Alright… so I’ve finally decided to start making art again.  Moveover, since my tablet and my laptop aren’t getting along very well, I’m back to traditional media.  I’ve feel like I’ve jumped back three years and taken one step forward.

Anyway, I’m totally out of practice, so I’m starting small and planning to work my way up.  Have some pandas!





A Bunch of Old Stuff

So I swung by Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku today and got talking to Big Nigel who works there, and he’s very graciously put up a link to my site, which has kindof caught me with my pants down since I haven’t uploaded anything since the big earthquake!

If you’re reading this because you actually followed his link here, I don’t want to leave you disappointed, so please make do with this bunch of stuff from yesteryear;

Just testing something…

This is just a little post to make sure that Japanese and Chinese characters display properly on here;