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Live Paintings

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Live Music for Life vol.5

This is a live painting I did recently for a charity event to support the reconstruction effort in northeast Japan. With all the entrance and drinks money, we raised about 140,000 yen!













I forgot February only has 28 days. >_<

I've got a few artistic projects in the pipeline at the moment, but nothing to show for them just yet. Next month I'll have a real update, promise!

New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, my poor website, I’ve been ignoring you again, haven’t I?

Well, I’ve made it one of my resolutions this year to update at least once a month… and here we are on January 31st and I haven’t updated yet.  So, this is really just a token update to keep myself from breaking my resolution, but if anyone happens to be looking at this and wants to see my recent work, you might have better luck checking my facebook page, here;



ぎりぎり展というのは、個展ではなく、グループ展でもないけど...色んな人が同じテーマで別々で出展する展示会...って、合ってるかな。^^ とにかく、オフィシャルサイトがこちらへ;




Dr Sketchy’s – February

Some more sketches from the life drawing group I go to;


2 minute poses/2分間ポーズ

5 minute poses/5分間ポーズ

10 minute poses/10分間ポーズ

20 minute pose/20分間ポーズ

Smart Friends House Mural

So, where have I been for the last month?  I’ve been doing this;

This is the interior of ‘Smart Friends House’, an English conversation cafe in Shibuya, completely transformed by yours truly!  This took way too long, but I learned a lot from doing it.

The theme is basically to do with different situations in which (Japanese) people can use English language, although some parts are completely unrelated. XD

Dr Sketchy’s – November

Some more sketches from my monthly sketch group.  Again, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and a 20 minute pose.


To be honest, I was disappointed when I heard we’d be having a male model… but this guy was awesome!  He sang and played ukulele, he did mime and tap dance, he even performed a one man band!  Thanks, Baron!

正直、今回のモデルが男性だと聞いて、ちょっとがっかりしました。笑 でもこの人はすごかったです!歌ってくれたし、ウクレレも弾いてくれたし、タップダンスなど、いろいろ見せてくれました!ありがとう、バロンさん!

Design Festa vol.34 – Live Painting

This last weekend was Design Festa vol.34, and I was there doing live painting in the live stage area!  I had two days, and this is what I managed;



Dr Sketchy’s – September

These are some sketches from the monthly drawing group I go to, Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tokyo.  The first five were done in two minutes each, the next four were five minutes each.  We did some ten minute sketches as well, but I haven’t got my other sketchbook to hand.  Anyway, I think my quick sketches are better!


Two minute sketches;

Five minute sketches;


Just some paintings I did based on some photos I took;

Today’s efforts

Hmm, not really happy with how these turned out, but still…


I feel like they’re too rough as they are, but I think working into them more would only make them worse. :/


*Deep breath*

Alright… so I’ve finally decided to start making art again.  Moveover, since my tablet and my laptop aren’t getting along very well, I’m back to traditional media.  I’ve feel like I’ve jumped back three years and taken one step forward.

Anyway, I’m totally out of practice, so I’m starting small and planning to work my way up.  Have some pandas!





A Bunch of Old Stuff

So I swung by Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku today and got talking to Big Nigel who works there, and he’s very graciously put up a link to my site, which has kindof caught me with my pants down since I haven’t uploaded anything since the big earthquake!

If you’re reading this because you actually followed his link here, I don’t want to leave you disappointed, so please make do with this bunch of stuff from yesteryear;

Just testing something…

This is just a little post to make sure that Japanese and Chinese characters display properly on here;




Something wrong here…

I decided I ought to go out for some exercise, y’know, because it’s good for you… and then I walked to KFC and had lunch. :/

Anyway, I just want to see what an ‘aside’ post looks like.

Massive Improvement!

Alright, so after yesterday’s attempt, I decided to seek out a colouring tutorial… and I found a pretty good one, which you can see here if you’re interested. The method is nice and simple, and the picture above is the result of what I learned.

Sketching Practice

This is something I drew yesterday to practice sketching in Photoshop, trying to find a working method that’ll yield maximum results for the minimum time invested… should I ever get around to making another comic, and need to produce a million and one drawings like this.

For some reason I was afraid to use any really dark tones… I’ll work on that.

Oh, apparently it did work. Hurrah!

Okay, so I have my domain back, aaaaand there’s nothing here to show for it. Nuts.

Alright, well, as of right now I haven’t told anyone that I’m keeping a blog, so I should have some time before anybody finds out. WordPress is a little complicated though, I mean it’s good that it’s so customisable, but I can’t figure out which ‘widgets’ I want!

Well that didn’t work…

Mmkay, I just paid 12USD to ‘map’ my old address ‘’ onto this blog, but it didn’t seem to do anything. That’s annoying. Maybe it takes a little while to update? But I’m going to China tomorrow night and I’m not even sure if I can access WordPress over there. They’re not very keen on blogs and free speech in general. :/


Wow, I signed up for this blog three years ago, almost to the day, and I hadn’t been back until today.  I must get some kindof late January blog itch… or something?  Anyway, I’m now planning to start updating this as a sketch blog when I go travelling.  It would be nice if I could attach my own web address, maybe I’ll try do that now.

Testing, testing… 1, 2, 3…

Okay, I’ve got four blogs already – one on my own personal site, one on MySpace, one on DeviantArt and one on Mixi – and I barely use any of them.  So, why have I signed up for another one?

Well, I’ve seen some comics recently that’ve been using WordPress to update and it seems like a nice little tool, so I thought about having a go with it, but I’m not sure my hosting package includes MySQL support – in fact, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t – so I signed up for the free thingy instead so I can see what it’s all about.

So, I’m just gonna have a little play about with the settings, see what’s what, and if I think the site is worth using, then we’ll speak some more.  In the meantime, just… act like I’m not here.