Still ironing out the creases…


Dr Sketchy’s – February

Some more sketches from the life drawing group I go to;


2 minute poses/2分間ポーズ

5 minute poses/5分間ポーズ

10 minute poses/10分間ポーズ

20 minute pose/20分間ポーズ

Smart Friends House Mural

So, where have I been for the last month?  I’ve been doing this;

This is the interior of ‘Smart Friends House’, an English conversation cafe in Shibuya, completely transformed by yours truly!  This took way too long, but I learned a lot from doing it.

The theme is basically to do with different situations in which (Japanese) people can use English language, although some parts are completely unrelated. XD

Dr Sketchy’s – November

Some more sketches from my monthly sketch group.  Again, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and a 20 minute pose.


To be honest, I was disappointed when I heard we’d be having a male model… but this guy was awesome!  He sang and played ukulele, he did mime and tap dance, he even performed a one man band!  Thanks, Baron!

正直、今回のモデルが男性だと聞いて、ちょっとがっかりしました。笑 でもこの人はすごかったです!歌ってくれたし、ウクレレも弾いてくれたし、タップダンスなど、いろいろ見せてくれました!ありがとう、バロンさん!

Design Festa vol.34 – Live Painting

This last weekend was Design Festa vol.34, and I was there doing live painting in the live stage area!  I had two days, and this is what I managed;



Dr Sketchy’s – September

These are some sketches from the monthly drawing group I go to, Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tokyo.  The first five were done in two minutes each, the next four were five minutes each.  We did some ten minute sketches as well, but I haven’t got my other sketchbook to hand.  Anyway, I think my quick sketches are better!


Two minute sketches;

Five minute sketches;