Still ironing out the creases…



Something wrong here…

I decided I ought to go out for some exercise, y’know, because it’s good for you… and then I walked to KFC and had lunch. :/

Anyway, I just want to see what an ‘aside’ post looks like.

Massive Improvement!

Alright, so after yesterday’s attempt, I decided to seek out a colouring tutorial… and I found a pretty good one, which you can see here if you’re interested. The method is nice and simple, and the picture above is the result of what I learned.

Sketching Practice

This is something I drew yesterday to practice sketching in Photoshop, trying to find a working method that’ll yield maximum results for the minimum time invested… should I ever get around to making another comic, and need to produce a million and one drawings like this.

For some reason I was afraid to use any really dark tones… I’ll work on that.

Oh, apparently it did work. Hurrah!

Okay, so I have my domain back, aaaaand there’s nothing here to show for it. Nuts.

Alright, well, as of right now I haven’t told anyone that I’m keeping a blog, so I should have some time before anybody finds out. WordPress is a little complicated though, I mean it’s good that it’s so customisable, but I can’t figure out which ‘widgets’ I want!

Well that didn’t work…

Mmkay, I just paid 12USD to ‘map’ my old address ‘’ onto this blog, but it didn’t seem to do anything. That’s annoying. Maybe it takes a little while to update? But I’m going to China tomorrow night and I’m not even sure if I can access WordPress over there. They’re not very keen on blogs and free speech in general. :/